Friday, May 20, 2011

Latest in Tech News 5-20-11

So, Microsoft has gotten Verizon Wireless to sell a Windows 7 phone, the HTC Trophy 7. Besides a rather arrogant name, the Windows 7 phones are of course the only phones that let owners play games using their Xbox Live accounts and connect with other people as if they were on Xbox Live. Verizon Wireless is going to sell the HTC Trophy 7 online starting Thursday, May 26. An added bonus is that Verizon Wireless will give a free Xbox 360 Video Game to those who buy the HTC Trophy 7 before July 15.

In gaming news a man from North Carolina is upset with Valve's recent game, Portal 2. The gaming industry has always had "concerned" parents, and Neal Stapel is the usual parent. In Portal 2, there is a part where Valve has Wheatley (a rouge AI that takes over the facility) insult the player by saying,”Alright, fatty. Adopted fatty. Fatty, fatty, no parents.” I have played Portal 2, and besides being a great game, it is one of the funniest games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. This part of the game is one of the very funny parts and granted that making fun of adoption is bad, Neal Stapel has every right to be mad because he has and adopted 10-year-old daughter. While being a great game, I have to say that Valve could've foreseen this and prepared a little better, but it is their right to say what they want in THEIR game.

Plus, apparently the world is ending tomorrow, so...have fun I guess? I highly doubt that it will end tomorrow, seeing as how the guy who came up with it did the same thing in the 90's and was wrong, but whatever, believe what you want.


  1. The Trophy is a great phone!! i have it and is perfect :D

  2. phones are getting better and better, might have to get a trophy

  3. htc Trophy looks awesome and im in need for a new phone.